Making of "Sacred Symbiosis"

I have worked on this image for around 2 years now. It took quite a while to mature but I am happy with the results. The process also taught me alot on and the project bore several different fruit, all maturing in their own unique ways and realms. The entire process also inspired me to create several other artworks that were closely related with this image and its offspring.

I would like to share the broad strokes over several years of its evolution here with you:

Alien 2.jpg

Alien 6.jpg

It was about here when I started creating the alchemical sigil behind the aliens head that I stopped for a while, sidetracked and engulfed by the sigil, which eventually took on a life of its own turning into "Arcane Opuelnce" which you can see below

Archaic Opulence web.jpg

I then incorporated it back into the original image in several parts

Alien 12.jpg

Then continued working on it for a while during my free time:

Alien 15.jpg

After a while, I decided to flip the image:

Alien 27.jpg

I was happy at this point in the image when I decided to do something quite extreme to it, Here is "Inward Convergence"

inward convergence.jpg

And this is what happened after my decision to take it further:

Alien 30.jpg

I knew this was going to take a while until it started to look good again so I put quite alot of more hours into it:

Alien 34.jpg

and then a whole lot more!

Sacred Symbiosis 5.jpg

Changing the models:

Sacred Symbiosis 8.jpg

and finalizing the image about here:

Sacred Symbiosis - FINAL 2017 - WEB.jpg

The final image is quite large and can be printed to over 600cm long!
Here is a printed version (140 x 400 cm)


Here is also a small gallery of all detail shots from "Sacred Symbiosis"

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