Universal Transmissions V - Higher Access Limited Edition Metallic Archival Print


Numbered and Signed Original Archival Print of "Universal Transmissions V- Higher Access"


This Unique limited edition numbered and signed print is printed with Organic Archival Inks and certain vital area descriptions and illustrations are treated with a special purple metallic foil.

The foil treatment makes each and every one of these 100 prints unique, as every print differs from the foil treatment.

This is a limited run of 100 numbered prints at a size of 32 X 43 cm.

About the Print:
The Sixth edition of the Universal Transmissions Series created by Hakan Hısım Inspired by Trans-dimensional Linguistics, Esoteric literature on Out of Body Experiences, Dimensional Travel and the Akashic Records.

Printed with Love
With the highest quality organic inks on Archival Museum Grade Canvas

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