Signed Paper Print of "Toroidal Tantra"


Signed Original Print of "Universal Transmissions: Toroidal Tantra"

 A Signed 33 X 33 cm High Resolution Giclee Print of "Universal Transmissions: Toroidal Tantra"

The print is signed on both front and back by the artist and contains a "Frequency Tuner" sticker on its back
The first 20 orders will be gifted with a 12 cm postcard of the same print

Toroidal Tantra explores the nature of true tantric self love and its effect on the energetic vortexes through Ida, Pingala and Sushumna’s relation to the cosmic serpent.

Toroidal Tantra is a transmission that bridges the Universal Transmissions and Bio-Energetic Vortexes series together into a cohesive narrative.

Printed with Love

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