Vehicular Dynamics Loop Pack


Vehicular Dynamics is the study of the Apex Being, The Adam Kadmon or Undivided Man. Inspired and built upon sparks from the master Leonardo Da Vinci and Hakan's personal forays and experiences into esoteric etymology, occulted symbolism and Transdimensional Xenolinguistics Kadmon ‘Aveer Qadmon' is ‘primitive air' or Azoth. Azoth was the substance in which Prima Materia (First Matter) was formed. Adam Kadmon was a two-fold manifestation: A divine pattern or schematic which is a ‘Light Body' of macrocosmic proportions A formulation of that sacred patterning into a being that was supra-physical, and from which the ‘Adamic Race‘ was spawned. From the Azoth in which the supernal world was created, the Adam Kadmon took substance as the Cosmic Man.

This pack is an animated variation of Universal Transmissions VI - Vehicular Dynamics. The pack contains 2 High quality lossless 4K + 2K animated loops for personal use or to use as part of a VJ Performance.


  • 2 Loops // 6 Videos

  • 4K + 2K Size

  • 30 FPS

  • DXV3 + Mp4 Codec

  • Art in Motion

If you would like to support this project and the creation of the Universal Transmissions Codex (Art Book) or to delve deeper into its mysteries please check out Hakan's Patreon Page here:

Audio Track: Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons / Spring 

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